Cottleville, MO Self Defense Classes

Cottleville, MO Self Defense Classes

Cottleville, MO Self Defense Classes. Taking self defense classes is an excellent way to stay in shape and ready for any situation. Learn by taking self defense classes from some of the best martial arts instructors in the Greater St Louis area. At Gracie Barra O’Fallon, we teach valuable self defense skills in all of our classes, from our Brazilian jiu-jitsu programs to our children’s classes.

Take Cottleville, MO self defense classes from the Gracie Barra O’Fallon instructors who have produced countless MMA and Brazilian jiu jitsu champions and have trained people of all ages through the valuable teachings of our self defense classes. Join our Cottleville, MO self defense classes today and learn the skills that will keep you safe, in shape, and having fun. Reach out to us today to learn more or sign up for self defense classes.

Benefits of Self Defense Classes

Self defense classes gives your more than just a potentially life-saving skill set. That in itself is a worthwhile reason to take Cottleville, MO self defense classes, but by committing to a program, you’ll get so much more. Our Cottleville, MO self defense students go through a transformation that is not only physical but also psychological and emotional.

  1. Build confidence

    By practicing self-preservation skills, self defense classes will reveal to you just what you can do. Through repetition, you will improve your skills and enjoy a newfound confidence you can take with you in your daily life.

  2. Improve balance

    By working on your self defense moves, you are working on your balance and coordination. This not only helps you in attack situations, but also supports you in any and all physical activity you do.

  3. Develop self-discipline

    Self defense is a learning process much like any other and takes practice. To master the skills, you need to practice repetition and determination. You will find that with the support of your fellow classmates and your instructors, you can accomplish nearly anything.

  4. Improve your fitness level

    Self defense classes are a workout! Stay active as you learn practical skills. You will improve your balance, coordination, reflexes, strength, and flexibility.

  5. Practice awareness

    A large part of effectively using the your knewfound self defense skills requires knowing when and how to use them. You learn what you look for and, over time, gain increased awareness and alertness day to day.

  6. Increase your self-esteem

    Just signing up for and showing up for self defense classes is an exercise in self-respect. You deserve to be safe and know how to protect yourself. When you spend time with other students learning new skills and showing each other mutual respect, you will enjoy healthier self-esteem.

  7. Experience structure

    Structure is important in your life. Cottleville, MO self defense classes incorporate structure in your schedule by requiring the accountability to attend class at a specific time and day of the week. As you experience setting and achieving progressive goals, you will develop the discipline to carry that structure into your normal life.

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Why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Is Optimal For Self Defense

While a number of martial arts disciplines are often sold as the perfect way to defend oneself, there is one specific martial art that provides ample real-life relevance: Brazilian jiu jitsu. Since it was first invented in the early 20th century, its techniques have always been thought of with real-world use in mind. Unlike other martial arts like karate or kung fu, BJJ elements such as chokes, sweeps, and takedowns are ideal for real-life self-defense situations, as they immobilize your foe and can hold them in a painful position until police arrive at the scene. In addition, Brazilian jiu jitsu is learned not by rote exercises or katas, but by live drilling or rolling. Less time is spent on honing form and more time is taken learning how, for example, a certain submission is executed or guard pass is made, both concepts that translate well to real-life self defense.

BJJ has since its founding been based around the concept of providing a way for a smaller individual to stand up for themselves against aggressors. Part of this is due to the circumstances of its beginning: Helio and Carlos Gracie, the two brothers who founded the martial art, were notably smaller and more slight than other Brazilian men of their day. They were stunned by judo and its basis on using leverage to nullify the differences between a smaller and larger combatant. Combining this with additional martial arts the brothers practiced and with an highlight on ground fighting skills, Brazilian jiu jitsu has proven itself over the years to be the ideal martial art for self defense.

Gracie Barra Cottleville, MO Self Defense Classes

Our Cottleville, MO self defense classes are designed for everybody. Using the principles of Brazilian jiu jitsu and the other martial arts we teach, our instructors impart self defense skills upon our students that people of all ages, sizes, and ability levels can use to defend themselves. Cottleville, MO self defense classes at Gracie Barra O’Fallon are a safe and fun environment where you can learn and practice the self defense moves and skills that will keep you safe in any situation.

As a student in one of our self defense classes, you will learn to leverage an arsenal of Brazilian jiu jitsu-based defense moves. The self defense skills we teach are sensible and effective self defense skills that even smaller-built individuals can use against a larger attacker. By learning to use your space, balance, and momentum and practicing moves like the standing headlock, you will leave our Cottleville, MO self defense classes feeling stronger, safer, and more confident.

Joining our Cottleville, MO self defense classes will help you develop both as an individual and an athlete. You will become disciplined, humble, and poised. You’ll improve as an athlete with improved balance, reflexes, strength, and flexibility. As a part of our Gracie Barra programming, our self defense classes center around the three core values of the Gracie Barra organization: brotherhood, integrity, and development.

Cottleville, MO Self Defense Programs | Gracie Barra O’Fallon

Do you want to master the moves to defend against an attacker while having fun and gaining valuable life skills? Your answer should be yes – and if it is, it’s time for you to enroll in one of Gracie Barra O’Fallon’s self defense classes. You will be amazed at how it changes your life. Sign up today or learn more by contacting us now or calling us at 636-544-3655 now.