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Gracie Barra 2023 Schedule 

Holiday Closures:  Memorial Day Weekend: May 27-May 29th Independence day: July 4th  Labor Day Weekend: Sept 2nd-Sept 4th  Halloween: Oct. 31st  Thanksgiving Weekend: Nov. 23rd-Nov 26th  Christmas and New Years Break: Dec 24th-Jan 1st

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Mark Your Calendar! Winter CompNet is February 4th 2023!

The CompNet Missouri Winter Championship will be the first competition to kick off the new year! While the exact location is yet to be announced, we do know that the CompNet will be hosted in St. Louis on February 4, 2023. Gracie Barra Missouri looks forward to continuing to make CompNet a fantastic event and competition environment for the 2023 season! Important Dates: ● Registration Closes Jan. 29th, 2023 ● Division Correction deadline Jan. 30th, 2023 ● Tournament Bracket and Official Schedule published Feb. 2nd, 2023 For further details and information, go to the smoothcomp website and find CompNet Missouri Winter Championship under the events tab, and get registered before the deadline! We will see you all there!

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Don’t miss out! November Events and Important Dates

November 11th & 12th: Tim Cartmell Seminar - Where?: Gracie Barra O’Fallon/LSL - When?: Friday, Nov. 11th 6:30pm-8:30pm & Saturday, Nov. 12th at 12pm-2pm - Tim Cartmell is a fifth degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as well as several internal styles such as Tai Chi, Shing-I, Ba Gua, and San Soo. Tim served as the 2021 official US ADCC team coach. He is also a two time Pan-American champion as well as a seven time Copa Pacifica champion in BJJ. He has also authored two books on combatives; Passing the Guard & Effortless Combat Throws. Sign up today to reserve your spot. November 19th & 20th: AGF St. Louis - Where?: 5555 St Louis Mills Circle, Hazelwood, MO - When?: Nov 19th and 20th - The American Grappling Federation is back in St. Louis! Get signed up to have an exciting day to represent your team! Both kids and

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Professor Steve’s Moab 240 Experience

240 miles, 89 hours, 4 minutes, and 21 seconds. Desert, mountains, heat, and snow did not keep Professor Steve from completing the endurance race, finishing in 36th place out of 260 overall. “I wanted the challenge of seeing how far I could go. In my own way, it's also a kind of selection process that I could put myself through. Something to set myself apart from who I was the day before. A distinct visual growth. And proof of progress,” Steve said. In January of 2022, Professor Steve applied to enter the Moab 240 mile endurance run. Over the next seven months, his typical training regime would change in order for him to put forth his best performance in the race. “I have done a 100 mile ultra two months prior and it destroyed me so I knew I needed to improve a lot. I hired one of if not

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Don’t miss these seminars at GB O’fallon/LSL! 11/11/22-11/12/22

Gracie Barra O’fallon/LSL is proud to announce two upcoming seminars with master instructor Tim Cartmell. Tim is a fifth-degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as a master level instructor of several internal styles such as Tai Chi, Shing-I, Ba Gua and San Soo. Tim fought full contact in San Da while living in China. Tim served as the 2021 official United States ADCC team coach. Tim is also a two time Pan-American champion as well as a seven time Copa Pacifica champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Tim has authored two books on combatives, “Passing the Guard” and “Effortless Combat Throws”. He has also translated countless books on martial arts from Chinese to English and vice versa. Check out this episode of “Rolled Up” to learn a little more about Tim. Tim will be teaching two seminars. The first will be Friday, November 11th from 6:30 PM-8:30 PM,

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Upcoming Events and News!

1. Donate to PALS at GB O’Fallon/LSL PALS is a “No-kill” shelter located in Hawk Point MO that is funded by donations and operated  by a team of mostly volunteers. The PALS mission is to provide: ● Public Assistance and education by promoting proper animal welfare ● Spaying and neutering for pet population control ● Finding good homes for impounded, stray, abandoned, neglected, owner turned in pets ● Assisting stray or lost pets in finding their rightful owners ● Providing care and shelter for pets until they are adopted ● Assisting other animal rescue organizations in need. Feel free to make a donation to the bucket at the front desk! 2. CompNet October 8th Save the date! The CompNet Missouri Autumn Championship 2022 is coming soon! It will be held at Fort Zumwalt South High School in St. Peter’s, MO. 8050 Mexico Rd, St Peters, MO 63376 You can register

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August is Anti-Bully Month at GB!

Bullying can happen at school, on the playground, on a sports team, and in some cases even at home or online. But with so many different styles of bullying, such as verbal, physical, social, or cyber bullying, it can be difficult for children to understand how to solve the problem and how to face what may be a day-to-day situation in the best way possible. For the month of August, Gracie Barra will be holding classes twice a week that teach our younger students how to respond to many types of bullying, how to stand up for themselves and their friends, and hopefully build confidence and have fun while doing so! What will your child be learning this month? 1. What or who is a bully? - Understanding the root or the why of the person instigating the bullying or harm, can be helpful in solving the problem at hand.

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2021 St. Louis AGF Championship

On November 20, 2021 Gracie Barra Schools from all over Missouri and Kansas City competed at The 2021 St. Louis American Grappling Federation Championship. It was an incredible fun filled day filled with competitive matches and our team represented amazingly well and won the following 5 trophy’s 1st Place Kids Gi 1st Place Kids No Gi 1st Place Adult Gi 1st Place Adult No Gi 1st Place Overall Team Champion Congratulations to all our fellow Gracie Barra Students! Gracie Barra Columbia, Gracie Barra Hannibal, Gracie Barra Jefferson City, Gracie Barra O’Fallon, Gracie Barra Overland Park, Gracie Barra Washington, Gracie Barra West County

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2021 World Summit

The 2021 World Summit Sedona Arizona November 3rd – 7th 2021 Professor Steve Moellering & Professor Mike Buckels were in attendance alongside hundreds of other fellow GB brothers and sisters from across North America. Students of all levels as well as Professors came to share in a week filled with Jiu Jitsu Seminars, GB Specific Business Seminars, Comp Net, Hiking, Jeep Rides, Exploration of Sedona, Super Fights, Grand Canyon Tour, Belt Promotions and much much more. To close out the last day, Professor Mike Buckels alongside his fellow Black Belts, received his 4th Degree from Master Carlos Gracie Jr & Professor Marcio Feitosa. It was an incredible week seeing old friends & making new ones. Our Professors @ Gracie Barra from across North America are continually joining together, sharing knowledge, to grow our Team. Join us @ The 2023 World Summit in Florida!  

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