Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the most comprehensive martial arts systems in the world. Once you become a part of the Gracie Barra family you will have access to some of the best BJJ athletes and coaches in the world. Your membership is good at over 400 locations in North America and 900 worldwide. Located in the Hawks Ridge Shopping Center, the Lake Saint Louis facility makes it easy for students of O’Fallon, Lake Saint Louis and Wentzville to enjoy world class martial arts instruction just minutes from home.

Unlike many other Jiu Jitsu schools that offer a jiu jitsu class, our classes are specialized into specific programs designed to meet the needs of students ranging from a beginner looking to get in shape, all the way to a high level athlete that wants to hone his game in a clean, friendly, team environment that is free of the self-centered, egotistical attitude that permeates most MMA and BJJ facilities. Our adult programs are as follows:

Fundamentals Program

What does it take for an ordinary person to realize to his or her own potential? What are the principal qualities of a great fighter?

Top performing fighters and individuals follow a common set of principles that sustain their success. The practice of Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu allows individuals to understand these principles through an exciting process that combines instruction, observation, practice, appropriate feedback, live training and competition.

Optimize Your Learning

Students experience results that go beyond gains in strength, flexibility, fitness or self-defense skills. By remaining truthful to the lessons learned in practice and applying them off the mats, Gracie Barra students experience an overall improvement on their focus, energy and general well-being.

The Gracie Barra Fundamentals Program teaches these basic principles of effective fighting to individuals like you. Its structure condenses an immense diversity of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu into core fundamental moves combined intelligently and safely to optimize your learning.

Benefits of Fundamentals

  • Learn the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Learn the GB Self-Defense System
  • Increase self-confidence, focus, energy and concentration
  • Enjoy significant gains in your overall fitness level
  • Make some new like minded friends

You will never forget your first class at Gracie Barra!

“Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is for anyone, including you!”

We recommend you arrive 15 minutes before schedule, as the class will start on time. When lining up to begin practice, you’ll notice the instructor has a precise plan for the class. This is standard. The class routine is always similar so you know exactly what to expect during each part of practice; the techniques change, though! You will learn over 100 technique combinations over four months so be ready for the journey! You’ll also find strong support from your peers. By the end of class you’ll be physically tired but mentally exhilarated. Don’t get too exhausted, though–we hope to see you back the next day! Remember, you can train as much as you want.

Advanced program

What comes after mastering the fundamentals? What is next on the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu journey?

The Gracie Barra Program Structure defines three main stages of development for students: the Fundamentals Program, the Advanced Program and the Black Belt Program. These stages indicate different maturity levels and students upgrade from one to the other in their own natural progression.

While the Fundamentals Program focuses on the building blocks and basic principles of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the Advanced Program is built on high-level techniques and drills that start shaping the students game flow through the development of reflexes, speed and reaction time as well as transitions between one technique and another.

Experience Deeper Involvement

After a few months in the GB Advanced Program students typically experience a deeper involvement in GB’s philosophy, a stronger bond with training partners as well as more discipline and commitment to healthy habits that keep them in good shape.

Advanced Program classes are based on a defined class structure and curriculum that take a broad and open-minded approach, incorporating techniques from different grappling styles like wrestling, judo, sambo, and, of course, Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”
– John Wooden

Advanced Program Benefits

  • Learn the most effective take down techniques adapted to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Develop transitions between Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques
  • Experience further improvements in overall fitness level
  • Gain a better understanding of different aspects of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Step up to participate in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions

Gracie Barra Student

When practice is more important than your next belt, you have become a GB student

As a new student or someone who is moving up from the Fundamentals Program, you’ll find the Gracie Barra Advanced Classes perfect for taking your Jiu-Jitsu to the next level. At this stage you start developing a BJJ game flow and the instructor will be closely looking at your specific needs. At the end of class, you’ll engage in live training drills that are exciting and fun. Every training partner will present you with a unique challenge that requires strategic thinking to effectively deal with it. Now grab your GB uniform and get to class!

Black Belt Program

Can someone master Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Is there an end to the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu journey?

The Gracie Barra Black Belt Program is the last stage in GB’s adult program structure. While it does represent the student’s arrival at the ultimate level of training in our school, it also represents a new beginning.

The goal of this program is to further develop the student’s BJJ game flow by exposing him or her to cutting edge Jiu-Jitsu techniques and their variations. The program’s dynamic curriculum and classes, followed by hour-long live training sessions, build a challenging yet safe environment for students to progress from their blue to black belts.

An Endless Journey

It is in the Black Belt Program that most students truly grasp what they’ve been told since being white belts: Jiu-Jitsu is an endless journey of daily accomplishments that always leads to a new challenge. The same old arm-bars, triangle chokes, fireman carries, Kimuras, sweeps, guard passes and single leg takedowns gain new meaning as their BJJ game flow is defined.

Gracie Barra students enrolled in the Black Belt Program are role models at our schools. The responsibility of sharing GB techniques and training philosophy with newer students is taken seriously. They play a key role in maintaining a safe, friendly and progress-oriented environment at our school.

“There is no losing in Jiu-Jitsu. You either win or you learn.”
– Carlos Gracie Jr.

Black Belt Benefits

  • Learn cutting-edge BJJ techniques
  • Achieve greater physical fitness
  • Train with the best training partners in our school
  • Work with your instructor to shape a jiu jitsu game developed specifically for you
  • Start developing your teaching skills

Enhance Your Skills

“When the journey is more important than the destination, you have become a GB Black Belt”

When you come to the black belt classes you can be sure of one thing: you will train a lot! Practice typically lasts two hours and although you are welcome to rest or leave early if you feel like it, the instructors will always encourage you to stay until the end of the class. No Gi and MMA classes add an extra element of challenge and helps students improve balance and control, enhancing their overall skills.



Gracie Barra St. Louis is truly a one of a kind school. The instructors and coaches have cultivated an environment where everyone, regardless of skill, is made to feel that they are a vital member of a team. The family like atmosphere makes everyone feel welcome, and fosters an effective platform for training as your opponents quickly change from simple training partners, to close friends. If you are interested in training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you wont find a better place to do so. Do yourself a favor, and check it out!

-Josh Y


  • Improved Physical Fitness: Enhances overall strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.
  • Self-Defense Skills: Teaches effective techniques for real-world self-defense scenarios.
  • Mental Toughness: Cultivates resilience and the ability to handle challenging situations.
  • Stress Relief: Provides an outlet for releasing tension and reducing stress
  • Goal Setting: Encourages setting and achieving personal goals.
  • Respect for Others: Teaches respect for instructors, peers, and the art itself.
  • Lifelong Learning: Offers a continuous journey of learning and personal development.
  • Increased Discipline: Encourages self-discipline through structured training and practice.
  • Weight Management: Aids in weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight through rigorous exercise.
  • Enhanced Coordination: Improves body awareness and coordination.
  • Community and Camaraderie: Fosters a sense of belonging and friendship among practitioners.
  • Cultural Appreciation: Provides insight into Brazilian culture and martial arts heritage.
  • Patience and Persistence: Cultivates patience and the perseverance to overcome challenges.
  • Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: Jiu-Jitsu training enhances cognitive abilities and decision-making in various aspects of life.

  • Boosted Confidence: Builds self-confidence through skill mastery and achievement.
  • Strategic Thinking: Develops critical thinking and strategic planning skills.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Increases flexibility and reduces the risk of injury.
  • Improved Reaction Times: Sharpens reflexes and reaction times.
  • Improved Balance: Enhances balance and body control.
  • Better Sleep: Promotes better sleep patterns due to physical exertion and stress relief.
  • Increased Energy Levels: Boosts overall energy and vitality.