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No-Gi Jiu Jitsu in Weldon Springs, MO. While traditionally Brazilian jiu jitsu has been played by martial artists wearing a kimono-and-pants combination called a gi, over the past few years interest in jiu jitsu played in different attire has grown dramatically. The rise of mixed martial arts, the need for a more “functional” form of BJJ for self-defense, and increased cross-training with other combat sports has demonstrated the need for a form of Brazilian jiu jitsu that can be more applicable to these situations. As such, no-gi Brazilian jiu jitsu was born, and has enjoyed extensive popularity, with a number of competitions and events created solely for grapplers who elect not to wear the traditional gi when playing Brazilian jiu jitsu.

At Gracie Barra O’Fallon, our teachers recognize the merits of Brazilian jiu jitsu played both in a gi and in non-traditional clotrhing. While many of our jiu jitsu classes in Weldon Springs, MO are done in the traditional gi, we offer no-gi jiu jitsu for teens and adults of all levels every week. Check out our schedule or contact us by calling 636-544-3655 or online for more information on our full offering of Brazilian jiu jitsu classes, including no-gi jiu jitsu in Weldon Springs, for all ages and levels.

What Makes No-Gi Jiu Jitsu Different?

For much of its history, Brazilian jiu jitsu has been played by martial artists wearing a loose jacket and pants, the jacket being cinched by a belt whose color denotes its wearer’s rank. This tradition can be traced back to BJJ’s origins in judo: that martial art has always been practiced in a gi, which is historically white although international competitions now mandate that one participant in each match must wear a blue gi. The use of a gi also impacted much of BJJ’s style as a martial art, with many takedowns or submissions made possible using leverage one acquired from holding the gi.

While jiu jitsu in more standard sporting attire has long been performed in less formal circumstances, it has grown in popularity over the last 20 years in Weldon Springs, MO. This is partially because of the inaguration of international no-gi Brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments such as the ADCC World Championships and the addition of a no-gi division at the IBJJF Mundials, but possibly the larger reason for its development has been the creation and worldwide expansion of mixed martial arts. Early MMA events had no rules regarding on what attire participants could wear — indeed, a Gracie family member won the first two UFC tournaments wearing a gi — but the creation of the Unified Rules of MMA meant that the only legal clothing for male fighters is shorts or trunks. Thus, many more Weldon Springs, MO Brazilian jiu jitsu players who also were interested in MMA picked up no-gi grappling, which is done in shorts, a compression top called a rashguard, and sometimes compression shorts or tights called spats.

The difference in attire is not the only thing that sets no-gi Brazilian jiu jitsu apart from its older brother, either. Several submissions common in competitive gi BJJ, like the Ezequiel choke, loop choke, and lapel choke, are hard or unable to pull off in no-gi BJJ. This is due to the fact that these chokes require use of the gi top to provide leverage. To counter-balance the loss of these submissions, many no-gi competitions allow competitors to {score|achieve| submissions using heel-hooks or kneebars, both of which are prohibited in gi Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Who Benefits From No-Gi Jiu Jitsu?

No-gi jiu jitsu in Weldon Springs, MO is an exceptional way to not only sharpen your skills as a Brazilian jiu jitsu player, but also to practice for other combat sports or martial arts disciplines. A substantial amount of Weldon Springs athletes can benefit from no-gi Brazilian jiu jitsu, including:

  • MMA fighters: since as we mentioned MMA is fought in apparel similar to that of no-gi jiu jitsu, learning ground control, takedown defense, and submissions without a gi is quite beneficial if, for example, you are more of a Weldon Springs, MO kickboxer or pure striker interested in MMA.
  • Amateur wrestlers: much of no-gi BJJ is centered around takedowns and sprawl defense against them, which is inherently useful for Weldon Springs high school or collegiate wrestlers. As well, many accomplished wrestlers have moved to MMA successfully after the conclusion of their amateur careers, and starting your Brazilian jiu jitsu journey as soon as possible is an excellent base for this transitionmove.
  • BJJ players wanting to enter competitions: many Weldon Springs, MO Brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments, both locally, nationally, and internationally, either have both gi and no-gi divisions or are strictly no-gi.
  • You: not only is Brazlian jiu jitsu an excellent way to get fit and make friends, no-gi jiu jitsu in Weldon Springs, MO is also an ideal method of self-defense.

Learn No-Gi Jiu Jitsu In Weldon Springs, MO | Gracie Barra O’Fallon

When you visit Gracie Barra O’Fallon to learn Brazilian jiu jitsu, you can expect to not only experience no-gi jiu jitsu in an enjoyable and friendly environment, but also to {learn skills from|be taught skills by| a Weldon Springs, MO no-gi jiu jitsu expert. Our primary instructor, Mike Buckels, is a BJJ black belt under Marcio Feitosa, a former winner of the ADCC World Championship, regarded by many as the world’s best no-gi jiu jitsu competition. He and all our teaching staff regularly compete — and win — in no-gi events and understand what is required to be a successful grappler at any level. Our instructors enjoy sharing their experience with Gracie Barra students, whether they are first-timers or longtime grapplers, and helping them grow both on the mat and off of it.

Gracie Barra O’Fallon offers Weldon Springs, MO no-gi jiu jitsu classes for both teens and adults. They are open-attendance classes, regardless of your belt level or experience, and are conveniently scheduled to complement your busy life and any other sporting commitments you might have. Call us today at 636-544-3655 for more details, or contact us online to learn more about how you can schedule a free no-gi jiu jitsu class in Weldon Springs to experience for yourself how Gracie Barra O’Fallon is Weldon Springs, MO’s finest no-gi jiu jitsu gym.