Kickboxing New Melle, MO

Kickboxing New Melle. If you or someone you know is excited to learn kickboxing in New Melle, Gracie Barra offers kickboxing programs to students of all ages and knowledge levels. Kickboxing demands a certain level of strength and devotion, but our instructors are excited to share the martial art of kickboxing with any athlete that is eager to learn. While Gracie Barra’s kickboxing programs are inclusive, it’s vital to take responsibility for your health and avoid learning kickboxing in New Melle, if you suffer from a serious health issue or physical injuries that could put you at risk. If you are interested in learning kickboxing, Gracie Barra is excited to invite you to join our kickboxing program. Whether you want to become stronger, more mindful, or are simply intrigued by what the art of kickboxing is all about, our experienced instructors encourage you to reach out and determine if kickboxing is right for you and arrange a visit to Gracie Barra to take in a kickboxing class in New Melle, MO.

Kickboxing Classes that Gracie Barra Offers in New Melle, MO

If you are ready to focus on your health, test your athletic abilities, or learn a new skill, our kickboxing instructors are committed to teaching students the art of kickboxing in New Melle. If you or someone you know is excited to see what kickboxing is all about, Gracie Barra teaches the following kickboxing classes in New Melle:

  • Children’s Kickboxing
  • Fundamentals of Kickboxing
  • Advanced Kickboxing
  • Men’s Kickboxing
  • Women’s Kickboxing
  • Private Kickboxing

The art of kickboxing is centered around values such as focus, strength, and honesty. If you enroll in a kickboxing program in New Melle, MO, you can expect to become more motivated, learn how to compete, adopt self-defense tactics, and get to know your body and what style of kickboxing is best for you. Some students thrive in group kickboxing, while other athletes desire to sign up for one-on-one kickboxing classes in New Melle. Our experienced coaches have taught countless fighters and coaches how to kickbox and are open and willing to answer any questions or concerns that you might have about the martial art.

Beginner’s Kickboxing in New Melle, MO

Kickboxing prohibits fighting with anything but hands and feet when challenging an opponent, as well as focusing on an opponent’s groin, legs, or back. Kickboxing is rooted in having good form, mindfulness, and being strategic. Every move that you make in kickboxing should come from the core. Some of the moves that you’ll learn in Gracie Barra’s beginner’s kickboxing class in New Melle, MO, include jabbing, “the cross,” the left and right hook, uppercuts, and more. Our beginner’s kickboxing classes in New Melle, are fast-paced, but our master coaches know the importance of not pushing your body too far and thoroughly learning each fundamental move before moving on to learning the next. If you aren’t understanding a move or feel that you are having trouble with something in class, our instructors are always available to assist you with your form and provide you with individual instruction so you can reach your full kickboxing potential.

Advanced Kickboxing Classes in New Melle, MO

If you have mastered the fundamentals of kickboxing and are ready to try something a little more difficult, Gracie Barra offers advanced kickboxing in New Melle. Advanced kickboxing builds on the fundamentals of kickboxing and provides students with the opportunity to better understand how to transition between moves, take down their opponent, and develop a personalized style of kickboxing. It’s essential to keep in mind that the advanced kickboxing class in New Melle, is designed for more seasoned athletes and demands the highest levels of strength, focus, and technique. Advanced kickboxing is designed to challenge athletes and allow students to test their skills in various competitions.

Kickboxing Classes in New Melle, MO

If you are interested in learning kickboxing in New Melle, Gracie Barra is passionate about ensuring that the martial art of kickboxing is accessible to athletes of all ages, genders and experience levels. Our coaches have developed an inclusive yet challenging environment that is fun. Kickboxing requires inner and outer strength, which can be tough to get used to when you first begin your lessons. If you have any questions or concerns about a technique you are learning, or think that you would benefit from one-on-one training, Gracie Barra’s experienced coaches are accessible and devoted to making sure that students are comfortable and getting the most out of each class. To begin your kickboxing journey in New Melle, MO, contact Gracie Barra today for more information or stop by our kickboxing facility in New Melle, MO, to participate in a class.