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Spotlight on Kailey Benson

Kailey has been a student at Gracie Barra O’Fallon since 2014 and is currently a 9th Grader @ Francis Howell Central High School. She’s had the great pleasure to earn a spot on Varsity High School wrestling as a Freshman. Which speaks volumes on her dedication to competition at an early age. She started competing in bjj at the age of 7. She holds many Bjj Championship titles and is well on her way to earning more titles in wrestling. This year she won 1st place at the Gateway Athletic Conference and is currently ranked 6th in the state at 115lbs.

Let’s learn a little more about her.

At what age did you start Bjj?  7 yrs old

How old are you now?  14 yrs old

What rank do you hold in bjj? Yellow and black belt

What do you enjoy most about Bjj? Jiu Jitsu is a great sport overall, there’s so many moves you never stop learning. You get to be a part of a great community, make new friends and better your overall fitness/stamina.

What are some fun facts about high school wrestling? High school wrestling is a great thing to be apart of too. It’s fun because we get to go to other schools, sometimes travel out of town, and compete in tournaments to represent our school.

How has Bjj helped you in H.S. wrestling? BJJ has helped a LOT in wrestling, and it gives you an advantage over many others. There’s no way I would have won a spot on varsity as a freshman, won 1st place at the GAC tournament and be ranked 6th in the state at 115lbs if I didn’t have the jiu jitsu experience. After doing BJJ for so long, you typically have better balance and knowledge of how to use momentum, when to go for takedowns, or when to sprawl, etc.

Why should other High School wrestlers consider bjj? Other high school wrestlers should consider BJJ because it gives you a better understanding of your body control, another perspective of many moves and techniques, and the ability to have an advantage over other wrestlers.

How has Bjj & Wrestling impacted your life? BJJ and wrestling have both had positive impacts on my life because they’re both such enjoyable sports that allow you to make many friends along the way.