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Spotlight on Ebbet Chambers

Ebbett has been a student at Gracie Barra O’Fallon since 2012 and is currently a 9th Grader @ Fort Zumwalt West High School.

Ebbet has won many gold and silver medals at multiple AGF tournaments as well as Gracie Barra tournaments. He also placed 1st at the Holt High School Invitational. He and Brooklyn Chambers are the 1st Brother Sister Duo to represent Fort Zumwalt West High School together. 

Let’s learn a little more about him.

At what age did you start Bjj? 6 Years old

How old are you now? 15 years old

What rank do you hold in bjj? Yellow & Black

What do you enjoy most about Bjj? It’s fun and I have a lot of friends there.

What are some fun facts about high school wrestling? This is my first year wrestling, I wrestle the 113 weight class while most people have to cut weight to wrestle I’m trying to gain!  Wrestling is a fun sport. We are a great team but each match is up to you to work hard and earn the win.  

How has Bjj helped you in H.S. wrestling? I never wrestled before, many of the other kids have.  I felt like I wasn’t starting from scratch because I already know double and single legs.  Right now because of my height I am focusing on ankle picks. 

Why should other High School wrestlers consider bjj? Bjj will help your wrestling skills.  

How has Bjj & Wrestling impacted your life? It will keep you in shape and help your confidence. You will meet a lot of cool people.