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Get to Know Your Professor

Spotlight of Professor Dominic.
I was born and raised in MO, I grew up with both my parents, and younger brother and sister.
I’ve always been into playing sports, roughhouse activities and being conscious and curious of
how to live a healthy lifestyle as long as I can remember. I grew up playing ice hockey every
season from the age of 7-18. At age 16 I began training at an mma gym near my house at the
time just as a new hobby. At 17 I began training under Prof Mike at Gracie Barra and it quickly
developed into my passion. I was fortunate to have amazing mentors and role models here who
inspired me to start training nearly everyday and a lot of times more than once a day. From
there, I began competing in tournaments, teaching, and pursuing jiu jitsu as not only as a lifestyle
and hobby, but as a career. I enjoy what I do greatly and look forward to each day I get to train
and teach!

1. Favorite Hobbies/Activities! Jiu-jitsu remains the number one hobby...outside that,
hiking, trail runs, lifting, fishing, anything active and outdoors.

2. How to Stay on the Path to Black Belt! I think it comes down to being resilient and
consistent with your training. I love the “show up no matter what approach” (outside of
serious injuries or unforeseen life circumstances). This to me means show up everyday
with an open mind and a desire to be better... Without setting unrealistic expectations for
yourself. Enjoy the process and when it gets difficult always reflect on why you started
and how it’s benefited you. Remain grateful you have an able body to train!
3. Favorite Thing About Instructing! [I like] seeing how much joy it can bring out of
people, the confidence it builds and also it is awesome to see when people use it as an
Avenue to improve their health and life outside the mats. Jiu Jitsu in my mind is not
separate from improving your body/mind.

4. Favorite Food! A good St. Louis style pizza or Italian restaurant is hard to beat!

5. Quotes to Live By! “You win or you learn”