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Coach Nick Barrett

My name is Nick Barrett, I am 20 years old, and I have been training jiu jitsu for 12
years. I began jiu jitsu as an 8 year old trying to find something to do because baseball
was out of season. I ended up finding the passion that would change my life! I was
always a competitive kid, so I started doing competitions right away. Doing jiu jitsu
tournaments is truly what taught me how to fail, learn, grow from the failure, and
become better from it. When I was 12 years old I began to help coach kids classes and
quickly realized that my true passion was teaching jiu jitsu. With the support of my
parents, I started homeschooling throughout high school in order to pursue a career
competing and teaching jiu jitsu. Thanks to God and many people supporting me, this
decision led to achieving my dream of doing jiu jitsu as a full time job at the age of 19. I
am so thankful for the life I am able to live and for the ability to help change people’s
lives through jiu jitsu!

1. My Family...I was blessed enough to marry the love of my life, Coach Vivian
Barrett, in July of 2021. I love being able to live the jiu jitsu lifestyle with her by
my side! My immediate family currently lives in Lakeland, Florida, and I have two
awesome nephews and one beautiful niece there!

2. Off of the mats...Outside of jiu jitsu, I am a Christian, avid reader, and a lover of
all things sports! I love reading anything from challenging philosophy to
horror/suspense novels! I am a huge Cardinals, Blues, Chiefs, and Grizzlies fan!

3. Favorite Quote...“Life with God is not immunity from difficulties, but peace within
difficulties.” -C.S. Lewis

4. What I Enjoy About Teaching...My favorite part about being an instructor is
watching the light bulb switch on in the eyes of the student who first realizes the
power of jiu jitsu technique done correctly!

5. Fun Fact About Me...A fun fact about me is that, on the side, I am studying to
earn a certificate in Christian Apologetics through Biola University online!