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August is Anti-Bully Month at GB!

Bullying can happen at school, on the playground, on a sports team, and in some cases
even at home or online. But with so many different styles of bullying, such as verbal, physical,
social, or cyber bullying, it can be difficult for children to understand how to solve the problem
and how to face what may be a day-to-day situation in the best way possible. For the month of
August, Gracie Barra will be holding classes twice a week that teach our younger
students how to respond to many types of bullying, how to stand up for themselves and their
friends, and hopefully build confidence and have fun while doing so!
What will your child be learning this month?

1. What or who is a bully?
- Understanding the root or the why of the person instigating the bullying or harm, can be
helpful in solving the problem at hand.

2. When is bullying taking place?
- There is more than just physical bullying, and it is important to recognize who the friends
are that you can trust and who aren't.

3. Bully prevention
- We hope to help our students understand the importance of confidence and the ability to
stand up for themselves and their friends, as opposed to just being a bystander or letting
it happen.

4. How to effectively protect themselves if bullying becomes physical
- We will cover various techniques including being pinned against a wall, school bus
situations, covering and blocking punches, various ways to take a person down and
control them safely, and more!

5. How/When to talk to a trusted adult
- It can be difficult for some to admit what may be happening at school, but it is important
for kids to understand why that is helpful for their situation.

6. Talk, Tell, Tackle strategy
- One of the best strategies we promote towards bullying is the “Talk” to the bully and
stand up for yourself, then “Tell” a trusted adult, and lastly “Tackle” when things go too far
and become physical.