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    Coach Nick Barrett

    Certified Instructor

    I began my jiu jitsu journey at the age of 8 years old in 2010. After falling in love with the art, I immediately began competing and have been an active competitor ever since. I view competition as the best way to improve my jiu jitsu, but my true passion is teaching and coaching kids or adults of any age. I desire to share the art that changed my life in such a positive way with the rest of the world. Off the mats, I am a Christian, a dedicated husband to my wife (Coach Vivian), and a lover of all things sports! Come try out a class, and maybe jiu jitsu will change your life like it has changed mine!

    Ranks and Certifications

    11 x Missouri State Champion
    3 x IBJJF Pan American Medalist
    4 x IBJJF Open Gold Medalist
    Gracie Barra ICP Certified Instructor

    “Jiu Jitsu is like learning a constantly evolving language. You start by learning your ABC’s, and soon enough you begin putting sentences together. Once fluent, you will realize there is always a new word to learn.”- Nick Barrett