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Amanda H

Gracie Barra St. Louis isn’t just a place to learn Jiu Jitsu. Nor is it a place you’ll walk into and feel intimidated. It’s a community, a family. Everyone is there to help the person next to them learn and grow. It’s a place you can always feel comfortable, even if you’re brand new. Professor Mike and the coaching staff are nothing short of exemplary, professional, and just all around spectacular. They care first and foremost about everyone on the mat having a good, relaxed time, while learning the techniques. It is a “no tough guy attitude” gym. If you’ve ever considered learning self defense, or you’re just looking to get in shape or maybe you have been interested in martial arts, Gracie Barra is the place for you. Jiu Jitsu for EVERYONE! Kids included! Their kid program is equally phenomenal as their adult programs. Come check it out, it will exceed your expectations while also meeting you where you are.