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Rob M

Jogging got boring. The gym… too crowded. And, I can’t stand to listen to Tony Horton’s same ol’ jokes on my P90X videos. The perfect answer — jiu jitsu the Gracie Barra way.

Not only will this place get you back into shape, you’ll walk out with a better sense of confidence. [Cliche Warning!] It WILL change your life. It’s great for kids too!

And don’t worry about muscle-bound meatheads looking to hurt any fresh meat that walks into the door. The first time I walked in, I got a tour of the facility, an introduction to jiu jitsu and a no-risk, no-obligation chance to try a class. The students were just as welcoming and helpful. I can say I’ve made many new friends and am always amazed how much fun hard work in class can be.