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Gracie Barra St. Charles Martial Arts Classes

Self-Defense in St. Charles. Everyone should know how to defend themselves. When you become a member of our self-defense classes in St. Charles, you’ll train under the best athletes around. Our master jiu-jitsu instructors have molded countless athletes into award-winning fighters and are committed to making sure that each student feels accepted and is happy with the progress of their training.

If you are interested in joining our St. Charles self-defense classes, contact Gracie Barra today for more information.

Why Gracie Self-Defense in St. Charles?

If you excited to take control of your well-being and become a powerful jiu-jitsu fighter, you need to join a Gracie self-defense class in St. Charles, MO. Our self-defense instructors are elite MMA fighters that are passionate about sharing the martial arts with athletes of all ages, genders, and skill-levels. Our MMA instructors will train you in various types of jiu-jitsu self-defense from how to do a standing headlock to how to close the gap between you and an attacker and leverage the situation to keep yourself safe.

Having difficulty with a particular move? Our instructors are always available for private instruction. Gracie Barra upholds the core values of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which are:

  • Brotherhood – helping and encouraging fellow teammates
  • Integrity – honoring the martial art of brazillian jiu jitsu and upholding values and traditions
  • Development – sharing jiu jitsu with any athlete that wishes to learn, regardless of age, gender, or skill level

For more information on our Gracie self-defense classes in St. Charles, call (314) 550-0507 to schedule a tour of our St. Charles jiu-jitsu gym.

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Self-Defense Classes, St. Charles, MO

Gracie Barra’s self-defense program is renowned for providing the best jiu-jitsu training in the world. With 800+ international training facilities, when you join our self-defense classes in St. Charles, MO, you are gaining access to hundreds of facilities, allowing you to train wherever you go. Our elite instructors are the best jiu jitsu fighters around, ranging from world-renowned fighters to coaches, that can help you become a powerful MMA fighter. If you are thinking about interested in learning self-defense in St. Charles, MO, but don’t know how to start, call (314) 550-0507 or contact our O’Fallon jiu-jitsu gym today for more information.

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