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MMA Classes Dardenne Prairie, MO

MMA Classes Dardenne Prairie, MO. Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut from the humdrum Dardenne Prairie, MO workout at the gym? Like you hit a wall and can’t advance? Luckily there is, in fact, a comprehensive solution to getting the best version of yourself in Dardenne Prairie, MO, just down the road at Gracie Barra O’Fallon. Our MMA classes concentrate on physical fitness and the mind-body connection, presenting the perfect ultimatum for your body and your brain near Dardenne Prairie, MO.

Your body gets accustomed to your basic routine in Dardenne Prairie, MO, that same-old, same-old at the gym, and you’re not seeing the results you need. If you are looking to get into the best physical shape of your life, mounting a treadmill a couple hours a week in Dardenne Prairie, MO just is not going to get it done. Call Gracie Barra O’Fallon to begin MMA classes today at 636-544-3655 or contact us online.

In our MMA classes near Dardenne Prairie, MO, you will tone and train your entire body while learning how to creatively combine some of the world’s most effective fighting techniques into one discipline that you can use in the ring, or in self-defense. The classes combine a cardiovascular and calorie-cutting workout, burning up to 1,000 calories every hour near Dardenne Prairie, MO, with muscle toning. That’s an ideal combination for Dardenne Prairie, MO students who want to drop weight as building muscle also increases the metabolism.

Gracie Barra is the home of the world’s best MMA team, providing MMA classes near Dardenne Prairie, MO in kids’, men’s, women’s, and teens’ programs. The Gracie institution features over 400 gyms in North America and 900 worldwide, and your membership opens the door to any of them. Call us now to begin Gracie Barra O’Fallon MMA classes at 636-544-3655 or contact us online.

MMA Classes Near Dardenne Prairie, MO: What Exactly is MMA?

MMA (mixed martial arts) is a full-contact combat activity that grants a wide array of fighting techniques and skills from a combination of other combat sports to be utilized in competition. Dardenne Prairie, MO competitions allow athletes of different disciplines of martial arts to compete under a set of unified rules. The rules allow usage of both striking and grappling techniques while standing and/or on the ground.

Although its origins are thought to date back to ancient Greece with pankration, MMA’s present form and style was made popular by brothers Carlos and Helio Gracie in 1925. The Gracies garnered attention by putting the “Gracie Challenge” in area newspapers, proclaiming in advertisements: “If you want a broken arm, or rib, contact Carlos Gracie.” MMA first came to the attention of many in North America after the Gracie family chose to demonstrate its trademark Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the U.S. in 1990. Helio’s son, Royce Gracie, represented the family in a 1993 tournament at McNichols Arena in Denver, Colorado, called UFC 1, referring to Ultimate Fighting Championship, the operation that quickly became a MMA behemoth. The tournament secured 86,000 pay-per-view viewers. That number jumped to 300,000 by the third event.

Initially condemned by critics as a brutal bloodsport without rules — the late politician John McCain once called MMA “human cockfighting” and tried to have it banished — the sport gradually got rid of its no-holds-barred image and has developed into one of the world’s fastest growing spectator sports. Once on the verge of dying out in 2001, the UFC now has estimated value of $9-10 billion.

Alongside our MMA classes, Gracie Barra O’Fallon provides the following programs for our Dardenne Prairie, MO neighbors:

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MMA Classes Near Dardenne Prairie, MO : What Styles Does MMA Borrow From?

MMA blends several forms of martial arts into a new and thrilling physical challenge, toning each muscle and dropping calories better than other forms of exercise in Dardenne Prairie, MO. It’s the blend of attacks, the bag of tricks, if you will, that continuously keep Dardenne Prairie, MO fighters guessing. Contact or call Gracie Barra O’Fallon at 636-544-3655 for more information on our MMA classes, which incorporate techniques from the following methods near Dardenne Prairie, MO:

  • Boxing
  • The style of fighting with the fists, normally with padded leather gloves. Known as the “sweet science,” Dardenne Prairie, MO boxers use detailed foot maneuvers and quick jabs for offense.

  • Wrestling
  • Regarded as the world’s oldest sport, the basis of wrestling is a Dardenne Prairie, MO contestant battles hand-to-hand, trying to throw or take down their opponent without striking blows. Some wrestling styles include freestyle, Greco-Roman, and catch-as-catch-can.

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Our namesake, the aforementioned Carlos Gracie, started the original Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1925. He taught the skills he learned from Japanese judo master Mitsuyo Esai Maeda. Those skills were later modified to use less power and to be more successful against bigger opponents, an obvious advantageous adoption for Dardenne Prairie, MO MMA. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s character quickly spread because of the accomplishments of its students in no-holds-barred competitions.

  • Jiu-Jitsu
  • Ancient Japanese martial art that encompasses throwing, joint locks, striking, and weapons training.

  • Judo
  • Japanese martial art founded in 1882 by Jigoro Kano and evolved from jiu jitsu. Judo is now an Olympic sport emphasizing throws. Attacking is banned, which is great as a practical instructing tool for new students in our Gracie Barra MMA classes near Dardenne Prairie, MO.

  • Karate
  • Name used to identify a variety of Japanese and Okinawan martial arts. While known for powerful, linear techniques — a lot of which have been acclimated into MMA fighting — several karate styles also integrate softer, circular styles beneficial throughout our Dardenne Prairie, MO MMA classes. Some of the popular styles of karate near Dardenne Prairie, MO include:

  • Kickboxing
  • Spirited martial art merging boxing punches and martial arts kicks. Various distinct styles with differing rules exist near Dardenne Prairie, MO, such as Muay Thai, full-contact karate, and Lethwei.

  • Kung Fu
  • Also known to as Gung Fu, Chinese Boxing, and Wu Shu. There are hundreds of styles of Kung Fu, some practiced near Dardenne Prairie, MO, and many of which are influenced by movements of animals.

  • Taekwondo
  • Probably the practiced martial arts in the world, Taekwondo is a Korean style known for its garish kicking moves.

mma-classes-Dardenne Prairie-MO | Dardenne Prairie-MO-martial-arts | Gracie Barra O'Fallon

Gracie Barra O’Fallon: Are MMA Classes Near Dardenne Prairie, MO Safe?

Probably due to the fact that most Dardenne Prairie, MO residents just instantly associate fighting with blood and gore, MMA as a sport has a bad reputation when it comes to injuries Or maybe it’s because of the blood we do see in MMA matches on TV is right there on the mat in front of us for the duration of the match. Nonetheless, the statistics show Dardenne Prairie, MO MMA is a lot safer than most people believe.

We do not permit hostility or intimidation. The Gracie Barra MMA classes near Dardenne Prairie, MO, require proper protective gear. Hits to the head, and other potentially dangerous maneuvers, are absolutely forbidden in our gym. Our instructors develop a welcoming environment near Dardenne Prairie, MO, rooted in respect, honor, wellness, and discipline.

Just like any Dardenne Prairie, MO contact sport you choose to participate in, sure, there is potential for injury in MMA. However, if the correct rules, safety equipment, and guidelines are followed in Dardenne Prairie, MO, MMA is just as safe as any of the other martial arts that are practiced by your Dardenne Prairie, MO neighbors, and millions of people throughout the world.

Eliminate Anxiety and Stress in Dardenne Prairie, MO With Our MMA Classes | Gracie Barra O’Fallon

Everyone feels stress and anxiety at one time or another in Dardenne Prairie, MO, and constant stress is not ideal for your mind and body. The stress relief provided by Dardenne Prairie, MO MMA carries over into your work and personal life, providing you with the Dardenne Prairie, MO outlet you need for negative emotions.

Call us to kickstart MMA classes near Dardenne Prairie, MO, and join the Gracie Barra O’Fallon team today at 636-544-3655 or contact us.