COVID-19 Update

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Coach Amy Buckels

Coach Amy has a passion in working with children. She has worked in Pediatric Occupational Therapy for over 20 years and is the Head Coach for The Little Champs Kids program @ Gracie Barra St. Louis. Coach Amy utilizes a multi sensory teaching approach to accommodate for all learning styles. “Visual learners, auditory learners, tactile learners and kinesthetic learners thrive as they execute what they’ve learned in class.” “From an Occupational Therapy perspective, Jiu Jitsu is the perfect activity for kids, adults, developmentally delayed, typically developing, autistic and Asperger’s syndrome students.” “We teach effective self defense and as a result you will notice enhanced social skills, sensory processing, self control, coordination and self confidence.”

Important update regarding COVID‑19

We will be open and classes will resume as of May 18th! As always, our priority is helping our students stay healthy and safe. To ensure the health of our students and instructors during this re-opening phase, Gracie Barra O’Fallon, West County & Washington are following state and local guidelines for reopening.

Prospective students, we are here and accepting new students! We have put many protocols including class size limitations, temperature checks, and enhanced sanitation/cleaning in place to assure a fun & safe experience. During this phase classes are structured so you can choose to work out solo or with a friend.

Current students, if you have not set up your account to use the new class booking system please contact your school so they may help you set up your login and password. Information on our phase 2 school procedures can be viewed here.