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AGF 2024 Missouri State Jiu Jitsu Championships

AGF 2024 Missouri State Jiu Jitsu Championships

This weekend we took a team to the AGF 2024 Missouri State Jiu Jitsu Championships and came back with some hardware. Placing 1st in the Kids Gi division, 1st in the Kids No-Gi division, 2nd in the Adult Gi division, 2nd in the Adult No-Gi division, and 1st place Best Overall. Our team has been competing and winning division at the AGF St. Louis for 10 years now, the first time being in 2014. GB O’Fallon/LSL continues to strive for the best each year. “The tournament prep is everyday,” head instructor, Professor Dominic said. “There are no secrets but a combination of consistency, a desire to win, hard work, and effort has built up a strong team bond and training atmosphere that brings positive energy and breeds positive results.” Win or lose, the instructors agree that seeing their students go through the preparation process and gaining knowledge through competing brings up the level of the team. “Outside of winning a medal, [it] is the satisfaction of seeing our kids gain the confidence and skill set of learning to overcome challenges,” Professor Dominic said. “This is something that can’t be taken from them and is one of the best parts of what competition can do.”

Great job Gracie Barra O’Fallon/ LSL team on all your accomplishments!

• 4 Kids NO GI Challenger gold medalists
• 3 Kids GI Challenger gold medalists
• 8 Kids GI gold medalists
• 4 Kids NO GI gold medalist
• 12 Kids GI silver medalists
• 10 Kids NO GI silver medalists
• 2 Kids GI bronze medalists
• 2 Kids NO GI bronze medalists
• 1 Teens NO GI Challenger gold medalist
• 2 Teens GI gold medalists
• 1 Teens NO GI silver medalist
• 2 Teens NO GI bronze medalists
• 1 Juvenile GI gold medalist
• 1 Juvenile GI Challenger silver medalist
• 1 Adult GI Challenger gold medalist
• 1 Adult GI silver medalist