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Steven L

Jiu jitsu has changed my life. Before I started I was a type-2 diabetic, overweight with high cholesterol and low physical stamina. After 2+ years of jiu jitsu I am no longer diabetic, nor am I overweight and my stamina is drastically improved. My doctor is amazed at the results from my blood work.

Before jiu jitsu I had developed those mysterious aches and pains we all get starting in our 30s. Most have disappeared; now the majority comes from a challenging workout; but knowing that I “earned” that soreness instead of it just being a constant presence makes me feel at least a decade younger. Plus when you are actively engaged in grappling with someone you don’t have time to think about all the various things going on with your job, the kids or the your house. That break from the rest of your life is outstanding.

[Aside from] the medical benefits, my mental health is better than ever. I have a great job that makes a difference and a wonderful family; but I found myself in my 40s not being all that “happy” in spite of everything. I have found the constant challenge and learning that this sport offers has made me genuinely happy, something | hadn’t even realized was missing in my life.

The staff at Gracie Barra and the culture they have built is amazing. If you are looking to push yourself beyond your limits or just get in better shape doing something fun Professors Steve and Dominic (along with all the coaching staff) provide a great place. They make showing up and putting in the work easy and something to look forward to.

Signing up at Gracie Barra was easily one of the best decisions of my life.