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Scott B

The training facility is top notch and always very clean and well maintained. Whether you’re someone who’s serious about competing in BJJ/MMA or you’re doing it because you simply enjoy the challenging workouts and want to develop the skills to better defend yourself- Gracie Barra is the best in St. Louis. The instructors are all very friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. They create an exciting and nonthreatening training environment with classes for all skill levels that have top notch professionally developed curriculum. I don’t have any children in the kids classes but have caught the end of a number of them and every child on the mat seems to be having a blast learning the fundamentals of BJJ and making new friends. Learning BJJ is extremely rewarding and I really enjoy completing the demanding workouts with friendly individuals from all walks of life, going to class never gets old because everyone is continually growing and learning together. Anyone considering Gracie Barra St. Louis should try a class out- you’ll be glad you did!